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Factors of Production

Higher Bitesize Business Management - Business in contemporary society : Revision, Page2. (n.d.). Retrieved August 16, 2017, from

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YouTube programme

Factors of Production


 Factors of Production
The resources that are needed to create goods and services are called the factors of production.

 Factors of Production
Choices concerning what goods and services to produce are choices about an economy’s use of its factors of production, the resources available to it for the production of goods and services. 

Market, a means by which the exchange of goods and services takes place as a result of buyers and sellers being in contact with one another, either directly or through mediating agents or institutions.

 Time Travel: The History of Markets
Markets have existed for thousands of years in a realm of civilizations and societies, with notable examples in Greek agorae and Roman forums.


 What Is a Market?
A market is any place where sellers of particular goods or services can meet with buyers of those goods and services. 

 Market: Definition and Classification of Markets
...consumers of the economy represent the consumption wheel; on the other, production wheel consisting of producers and manufacturers of goods and services rely on marketing to push their goods and services to those who are needing and willing to pay for.

 Worldpoly: proudly Australian-made 
Worldpoly is the Australian manufacturer of low- and high- pressure polyethylene pipe butt-welding equipment. 

 Consumer perceptions of country of origin in the Australian apparel industry
Investigates the attitudes of consumers towards the quality of clothing apparel made in Australia. Consumer attitudes towards Australian-made products in general; Perceptions of clothing apparel by country of origin; Perceptions of Australian-made apparel by age and migrant status.

 Research and Markets: The Value of "Australian Made" - 33% Regularly Purchase Locally Made Food and Drinks
The term 'local' is an elusive yet highly appealing one; Australians differ in their interpretations of local claims, yet the vast majority associate such claims with a range of positive attributes. This report deconstructs local claims to identify the drivers and inhibitors of Australian made grocery products.

 Made Australia
Made Australian are fanatical supporters of a Buy Australian policy and assist plus promote those businesses marketing Australian Made products. 



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