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  About fair and ethical trade
Failures in the conventional international trading system to deliver sustainable livelihoods means that many small farmers and artisans live in poverty, workers are denied basic rights, and they struggle to feed their families. Fair Trade is a global movement working to overcome the inequalities and injustices of conventional trade. 

  Fairtrade Australia NZ

  E-Waste fact sheet
Electronic waste can come in many forms including computers, photocopiers, printers, faxes, monitors, batteries and mobile phones. 

  Palm oil
You may not know what it is or where it comes from, but you almost certainly eat or use palm oil on a regular basis. It's the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet and half of all packaged products contain it – from ice cream and instant noodles, to shampoo and lipstick.

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Do you know how much food industrialised nations, including Australia, throw away every year? Global population is set to reach over nine billion by 2050 which will increase demand for food by 70%. What do you think we can do to consume food more responsibly and sustainably? How might we re-direct food that would otherwise go to waste?

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Which countries are the main producers of cocoa? And what sort of climatic conditions make these places suitable? Listen to this audio clip to find out.

Food historian and Associate Professor Adele Wessell explains that 70 percent of the world's cacao is shipped around the world in the form of beans from western Africa. What are some of the serious issues that have affected the industry there? Do some research and find out what is meant by the term 'subsistence farming'.

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Indonesian farmers, some of whom are the poorest in the nation, are changing the way they do things to increase production. Watch this clip to find out how Indonesia's farming practices and trade rules have changed and how these things have affected its local farmers and trade partners.