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  Environmental Factors: What and How Do They Affect Crop Growth and Yield
Environmental factors are those non-genetic factors which contribute to the characteristics of a plant. In other words, they are the components of all factors which influence plant growth and development to the exclusion of the genetic factors. They are referred to also as external factors to distinguish from the genetic factors which are described as internal.

  Climate change a massive threat to food security, agriculture
Rising temperatures and lower rainfall have already affected crop yields in areas of southern Australia, and yields will continue to be affected, the report said.

  Feeding a Hungry Nation: Climate change, food and farming in Australia
The price, quality and seasonality of Australia’s food is increasingly being affected by climate change with Australia’s future food security under threat, our new report has revealed.

  Food security and environmental impacts 
To meet a growing global demand for food and fodder, one can opt for increasing yields through intensification and/or for extending the land base used for agricultural cultivation. Intensification and concentrating food production in the most productive regions may appear the most efficient way to use the land. However, risks to food security may be increased, because supply chains become more vulnerable and because of pollution. 

YouTube programme

This unit encourages students to investigate how some foods and fibres are produced. It includes sections on foods and fibres we use; how food and fibre are obtained; their production systems; and technologies and processes used to assist in their production and the contributions they make to societies.

YouTube programme

This unit focuses on those characteristics of Australia that influences the pattern of agriculture and also investigates how people, through agricultural activities, have changed the Australian landscape.