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Subjects and Topic

The EE is an in-depth study of a focused topic. It gives students the opportunity to:

  • engage in independent research with intellectual initiative, creativity and rigour
  • develop research, thinking, self-management and communication skills
  • reflect on what they have learned throughout the research and writing process.

All students must:

  • provide a logical and coherent rationale for their choice of topic
  • review what has already been written about the topic
  • formulate a clear research question
  • offer a concrete description of the methods they use to investigate the question
  • generate reasoned interpretations and conclusions based on their reading and independent research in order to answer the question.

Choice of topic

Students first need to identify the broad area of inquiry they are interested in. Sources of ideas may include:

  • work already undertaken as part of the course
  • preliminary reading of academic journals and reputable scholarly e-resources, eg conference papers, essays, book chapters or journal articles. A school librarian can advise on this
  • conversations with teachers, fellow students and librarians. 

(IBO Extended Essay guide)

Subject specific information to the Extended Essay

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