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Political Parties


Who are the major political parties in Australia and what are some of the broad issues they stand for? Matilda Boseley takes you on a crash course on Labor and the Liberal/National (the Coalition) parties, as well as some of the smaller parties – the Greens, One Nation and Palmer United.

Guardian Australia. (2022, May 5). A crash course on the different political parties in Australia | Voting 101 [Video]. YouTube.


What do the different political parties stand for? What are the major, minor, and micro parties promising this election? This present outlines a summary of the key issues for EVERY SINGLE FEDERALLY REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTY IN AUSTRALIA! Some are very straight forward and some have vast and complex policy platforms.

Auspol Explained. (2022, May 9). A brief summary of every political party in Australia 2022 election edition | Auspol explained [Video]. YouTube.

Political ideology


Paul Talks Politics. (2016, January 7). Intro to political ideologies [Video]. YouTube.

Politics 101: Left vs. right. (n.d.). AMIEU Newcastle & Northern.

Electoral boundaries and demographics

A redistribution is a redrawing of electoral boundaries to ensure, as near as practicable:

  • each state and territory gains representation in the House of Representatives in proportion to their population, and
  • there are a similar number of electors in each electoral division for a given state or territory

For more information, go to:

AEC. (2023, March 1). Federal redistributions. Australian Electoral Commission.



Young Labor banner on Aboriginal Australians, May Day procession

NMA. (2022, May 2). Indigenous Australians’ right to vote. National Museum of Australia.

Compiled and created by Luciana Cavallaro March 2023