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Learning Framework

Year 8

Dance students continue to use improvisation skills to build on their movement vocabulary. They choreograph dances using the elements of dance (BEST) and choreographic devices for a purpose. They further develop their dance skills to explore the technical aspects of different dance styles.

Resource Key

When accessing content use the numbers below to guide you:

 LEVEL 1: ‚Äč
brief, basic information laid out in an easy-to-read format. May use informal language. (Includes most news articles)

provides additional background information and further reading. Introduces some subject-specific language.

lengthy, detailed information. Frequently uses technical/subject-specific language. (Includes most analytical articles)

What is Musical Theatre?


This is a story of how a remarkable and very different number of theatrical elements were welded together into something also remarkable and very different called the musical. From operetta, vaudeville, variety, burlesque, revue and most importantly British music hall, came the musical. But it did not come about by accident. It was the deliberate and conscious achievement of lyricist Oscar Hammerstein (who wrote, among others, Showboat and Oklahoma) and the director Rouben Mamoulian. Against considerable opposition, both critical and commercial, they created a new art form which was unique and yet familiar.



Compiled and created by Luciana Cavallaro July 2022