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How to evaluate websites

It is important when using the internet that you understand there is no controlling body to manage information or what people post. Wikipedia is one such website. Anyone can edit and post information on it and therefore should not be relied upon as an authoritative source of information. It can be used as a starting point for research to lead to more reliable sources.


These websites are only a starting point for your research.

What is project management?
This article helps to understand what is project management, when to use this process and answer why it is needed.

What is a digital product?
The author, Roman Pichler, defines what a digital product is, explains the purpose and effectiveness of use.

Thoughts on developing a design concept
This article is by a digital designer and how he approaches a brief for a customer.

The principals of design
The article outlines the 6 design principles fundamental to creating a product.

Basic elements of design
Outlines the elements needed when designing and creating a product.

101 Types of digital content
This article discusses the various types of digital content is available to use to promote products.

How hackers turn YOU into a cyber criminal
For around $3 a day, you can ‘rent’ a swarm of PCs around the world - untraceable ‘slave’ machines which you use to browse illegal sites, send spam or launch cyber attacks. 

Hackers reveal 10 PC security mistakes we ALL make
No one knows security mistakes better than hackers - because for them, tiny errors in security are the ‘keys’ that allow access to home PCs and office computer systems. 


Created by Luciana Cavallaro | Updated November 2022