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Learning Framework

Year 10

Students develop and refine their ideas and techniques by documenting design, production and evaluation of artwork. To extend their knowledge of art practices, such as, adaptation, manipulation, deconstruction and reinvention techniques, students use their understanding of a variety of art styles in the making of their artwork.

Students develop greater understanding of how contexts of culture, time and place impact on the development of ideas and production of art forms in the artistic process.

Year 11


Unit 1: Students develop artworks based on their lives and personal experiences, observations of the immediate environment, events and/or special occasions.

Unit 2: Students explore ways to generate and develop ideas using a variety of stimulus materials and explorations from their local environment.


Unit 1: Students consider the differences arising from cultural diversity, place, gender, class and historical period.

Unit 2: Students explore concepts or issues related to personal, social, cultural or gender identity.

Year 12


Unit 3: Students become aware that artists gain inspiration and generate ideas from diverse sources, including what is experienced, learned about, believed in, valued, imagined or invented.

Unit 4: Students explore and develop ideas through the investigation of different artists, art forms, processes and technologies.


Unit 3: Students engage with the social and cultural purposes of art making to produce a unique and cohesive body of work.

Unit 4: Students identify and explore concepts or issues of personal significance in the presentation of a sustained, articulate and authentic body of work.

Resource Key

When accessing content use the numbers below to guide you:

 LEVEL 1: ‚Äč
brief, basic information laid out in an easy-to-read format. May use informal language. (Includes most news articles)

provides additional background information and further reading. Introduces some subject-specific language.

lengthy, detailed information. Frequently uses technical/subject-specific language. (Includes most analytical articles)

What is Art?


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