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Rationing overview

Australia and rationing


Poster depicts a housewife throwing cans of food at a twisted caricature of a Japanese soldier. The title runs across the top half of the poster, in red and blue ink. The housewife, who is drawn in black and white, is in the background, and the Japanese soldier, who is also in monochrome, except for his red lips, is in the foreground of the right hand side.The cans of food are quite a devestating weapon; if used in this fashion they could have been quite effective missiles. Food rationing was pervasive in war-time Australia and this poster implores households to keep up the effort in economising food.

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Manpower control


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A postcard from Spain in 1943 with San Sebastian, United Kingdom and Australian censor markings; some text obliterated by indelible pencil.

Censored mail Spain Australia 1943.jpg
By Crusoe8181 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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