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How to evaluate websites

It is important when using the internet that you understand there is no controlling body to manage information or what people post. Wikipedia is one such website. Anyone can edit and post information on it and therefore should not be relied upon as an authoritative source of information. It can be used as a starting point for research to lead to more reliable sources.


These websites are only a starting point for your research.

Digital Devices

 What's ahead for 2017?
The digital world is rapidly evolving towards an increasingly cross-device standard, with consumers moving seamlessly across PCs and a variety of mobile devices over the course of their day.

 Top 10 Trends For Digital Transformation In 2017
As digital technology continues to evolve, digital transformation will require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and the inclusion of every department.

 Australians spend more time on tablets than on PC – It’s a first!
According to Alice Manners, IAB Australia’s CEO, growth in mobile audiences and increases in time spent on a mobile screen, is resulting in a shift of focus for brands and advertisers.

Cyber Security

 Perverse Effects in Defense of Computer Systems: When More Is Less.
With computer security spending on the rise, organizations seem to have accepted the notion that buying more—and more expensive—defenses allows them to better protect their computer systems. 

 Digital Media and Society Implications in a Hyperconnected Era 
Innovations in technology, particularly in digital media, increasingly are changing the way people use Media. More than
this, the very fabric of daily life is being altered. People are interacting and connecting with each other in different ways.  

 5 Cyber security trends to watch for 2016
An overview of 5 cybersecurity platforms identified as securing IT systems

Design Elements

 10 Basic Elements of Design
An article with illustrations outlining the basic elements of design.

 DIY Graphic Design Hacks for Bands on a budget
An overview on various online tools available to use to create and design products.

Skill Development 

 Video Production
Instructional video on Lynda.

 iBooks Author Essential Training
Instructional video on Lynda.

 Design a website with Adobe XD
Instructional video on Lynda.

Project Management

 Leading Projects
Instructional video on Lynda.

 What is project management?
This article explains the purpose of project management and the various strategies and procedures required to manage a team of people involved in the project.

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