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SCIS Glossary

Glossary of Words


The way you think and feel about someone or something.

Example: He has a positive/negative attitude about the changes.


The biography of a person narrated/written by that person a usually written account of a person's life in their own words.

Example: celebrity autobiographies


The story of a real person's life written by someone other than that person.

Example: a new biography of Abraham Lincoln


The arrangement and connection of words or groups of words in a sentence.

Example: That verb is often used in passive constructions.


The beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time

Examples: a study of Greek language and culture; today's youth culture; Her art shows the influence of pop/popular culture.

Response viewer/reader

The response of a reader to a text, especially as arising from the effect of cultural context and other factors on the reader's experience of the text.


Principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life.

Example: 'they internalise their parents' rules and values’

Visual Languages

Visual language is a form of communication that uses visual elements as opposed to formal written language to convey meaning or an idea.

Compiled and created by Luciana Cavallaro February 2022