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Britain in the 1980s

Thirty years ago today, miners at Cortonwood colliery in Yorkshire walked out in protest at plans to close their pit.


Thatcherism, the miners' strike, Hillsborough, Murdoch … what will be the final reckoning on 1980s Britain? Photomontage: Andrew Stocks

Beckett, A. (2017, December 1). Thatcher, Murdoch, Hillsborough and beyond: What the 1980s did to Britain. The Guardian.

C4 Documentary 10th January 2016


Miners with pit banners and bands parade through Durham city

Evening Chronicle. (2013, April 15). Old pictures of Durham down the years. ChronicleLive.

Tate's curators introduce the new displays at Tate Britain, from 1540 to the present.


Compiled and created by Luciana Cavallaro February 2022