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What goes on a Libguide?

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Luciana Cavallaro (Senior School)​​

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The Libguide Workflow

Libguide Workflow

1) Teachers will have  an initial discussion with the Guide Creators. In this conversation the guide structure and content will be discussed. This will involve clarifying about what sits in a Libguide and what sits in Conneqt.

2) Out of this discussion a list of themes/topics etc will be generated that will be focused on in the guide. 

3) Guide Creator will then create boxes containing the resources and then insert them into the specific guide.

4) Once the guide has been populated the teacher will meet with the Guide Creators to sign off on the finished guide or to make changes.

5) The guides url will then be named as per naming conventions.

6) The guide will then be published, link added to the Directory and available to use.